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Lovely, Finally sorted myself out a blooming website.

Updated: May 6, 2021

In other news, I played the first gig in a while since lockdown regulations have allowed with my good friend, the brilliant Damon Palmer aka The Woodsman. Check him out on Youtube/facebook and hopefully I'll do some recording with him at some point. The wedding went well and all the drunk people danced!!

In other news, I am beginning to get gigs and ceilidhs coming in again!! Im organising some acts for Buddhafield including with, Oli Nye and Lissie from The Wing Faced Earth Figs/Feral Pussies collective which we will call Scragglepot. I imagine it will be well....spontaneousish and swingy. Im also hoping the amazing Jimbino Vegan (clarinet/ breakdancer/ukelele bard and all round amazing entertainer) will be coming too, aswell as the moody, thoughtful beauty and melodic intricacies of the wonderful Ian. We will be billed as Owlet and the Hedgelad with me being the hedgelad i suppose!

Anyways welcome, and I will get more music and links up on this website asap

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